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The Mission Of Cooperstown Dreams Park

To provide a cultural and life-enriching experience for young boys and girls who love the game of baseball. Cooperstown Dreams Park is a family baseball park featuring fun and excitement; friends and families spend their vacations here, watching teams from around the country play baseball. Being a part of History! Each player and coach will be immortalized by being inducted into the prestigious American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame where they will be enshrined. As a part of the Cooperstown Dreams Park experience, team members will be awarded the coveted American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame ring and granted membership into this distinguished baseball club.

In the town where baseball began … your place in history with baseball’s greats. At no other time in the history of youth baseball has there ever been an invitational tournament quite like Cooperstown Dreams Park, with its unique baseball atmosphere … where baseball present meets the traditional values of baseball past. Take a step back in time … with barnstormers of baseball past. Fields cut from the same pastures that have given life to the magical myth of Abner Doubleday. Teams travel far and wide to play on these sacred fields.